Technology Happens 2018 Conferences & Classes

Technology Happens wants to help Credit Unions perform like never before and innovating and stretching technology is a great way to achieve amazing results!  This is our passion as we pursue our mission: Empowering Credit Unions to Better Serve Their Members!

This year we will be hosting the following training class and breakout sessions at many of the upcoming User Conferences.

Class:    Optimizing PowerOn & Preparing for PowerOn 2 Class

We will share some of the best practices to help you optimize PowerOn while we await the launch of PowerOn 2.  As a selected partner to assist Symitar in the Pre-GA Testing of PowerOn 2, we will also share some key things you may do today to prepare for PowerOn 2.

Breakout Session:    Oh this Project isn't hard, can we have it completed in 2 days?

Yes, there may be flying candy and plenty of energy and participation as we discuss how to manage and exceed expectations.  We will share some best practices that are the hallmark of every on-time, on-budget, on-point project.  You will not want to miss this engaging session that will help you return to your Credit Union with another tool in your utility belt!  BAM!

Previous Conference Classes & Breakout Sessions

Technology Happens 2017 Conferences & Classes

Technology Happens is serious about the power of technology and the amazing things that can be unleashed when we commit ourselves to come up with new, innovative ways to create value.  We also believe that the power of the mind is critical to achieving any lofty goals we have for what technology has to offer.  Hence our unwavering pursuit of education as a means to tap into our full potential.

We are honored to have been selected by conference planners of the SMUG/SSCUG, SymEast, and SymWest Conferences to put on the following educational sessions;

  1. Java 101 AND Hands-On Training for the New and Newly Experienced (SymWest - Java Intro Only)
  2. Your Branch & BEYOND!

Together we will experience the joy of stretching and improving the precious resource of that grey matter between our ears.

Below are links to the files that were referenced during the educational sessions.  Please assess these files to continue your education.

Java 101 AND Hands-On Training for the New and Newly Experienced

Your Branch & BEYOND!

Complimentary Technology Happens Episys Software Module

Thank you for attending our sessions and please let us know if we may offer any assistance so that you can Crush the Standard of How Technology Happens in your Credit Union!