Member Vantage Point® (MVP®)


Member Vantage Point® (MVP®) provides credit unions the most intuitive way to capture signatures and selectively share digital content with its members.

MVP® is an integrated hardware/software electronic signature solution that includes a small device and a high resolution multi-touch display, which are connected to a staff member’s workstation.

When a document is ready to sign, the staff member can stream the entire document onto a large touchscreen display for the consumer to review.  After review, the consumer can sign the document directly via the touchscreen, as many times as required by the document. The signature is captured and bound securely to the document.

Between transactions, digital marketing materials can be streamed to the member-facing display, giving your organization a dynamic space to promote highly localized messaging to your consumers.


·    Direct integration with client's host system.

·    Customized archival integration by request.

Financial Benefits

·    Decrease Ink & Paper Cost

·    Increase Employee Efficiency

·    Decrease Time to Close

Other Benefits

·    Improved Member Satisfaction

·    Increased Employee Morale

Technical Benefits

·    No data is stored on our system, or device.

·    Data at Rest: Secured using AES-256 encryption.

·    Data in Transit: Secured communication using RSA-2048

MVP® Portfolio

  • MVP®, Model 1500
    • MVP® Controller with TruSecure® Technology
    • 15" Multi-Touch Desktop Monitor
  • MVP®, Model 1560
    • MVP® Controller with TruSecure® Technology
    • 15.6" Multi-Touch Slim Line Monitor
    • Articulating Arm
  • MVP®, Model 2150
    • MVP® Controller with TruSecure® Technology
    • 21.5" Multi-Touch Desktop Monitor
  • MVP®, Model 2190 All-In-One
    • MVP® Software with TruSecure® Technology
    • 21" Touch Monitor with Integrated Computer
  • MVP®, Model 3200
    • MVP® Controller with TruSecure® Technology
    • 32" Multi-Touch Slim Line Monitor

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