In addition to new custom programming that we define together with the credit union based on their unique goals and requirements, we also offer a portfolio of previously designed and developed software modules which have proven invaluable to other credit unions.  New custom programming, or deploying one or more of the following software modules, we would love to explore how we can support you to extract greater value from your core system and deliver greater value to your organization and the members you serve.  We love tackling serious challenges and making a difference.  Contact Us Today!


User Management Module

The User Management Module product is a server side web application that allows an organization’s application management team the ability to lock, and unlock their users, reset user passwords, and much more in an application specific manner.  This is accomplished through our modular application development model.  This module currently supports user management via application systems such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, and Symitar’s Episys product, with more under development.


Householding Module

An automated process that standardizes addresses in the ARCU database and groups accounts together into household decision-making groups.  This process is performed nightly and utilizes real-time address verification that meets USPS standards.  This tool can be used in conjunction with a comprehensive strategy to maximize the efficiency of your direct marketing efforts.


Technology Happens Integration Toolkit

The Technology Happens Integration Toolkit provides simple integration with Symitar’s Episys core system.  The toolkit is offered in many different languages to coincide with the most common programming languages of current development teams.  This allows developers to begin integration immediately without any formal Symitar Episys, or SymXchange training.


Account Overview Synapsys Integration for Episys

Allow seamless integration with the Synapsys product and Episys.  When a user accesses an account the Account Overview pops up with all the Synapsys functions available to use in an easy / familiar HTML Interface.  Technology Happens developed this module on behalf of Credit Union of America in order to address many issues with the native interface.


ATM_HB_Audio Monitoring in Episys

To provide a “near-real-time” status of a credit union’s ATM, home banking, and audio services.  A batch job is run every fifteen minutes to check if each service was used within the previous fifteen minutes.  If desired, e-mail notifications can be enabled to notify managers/IT/etc. of down ATM’s.  An on-demand screen reads the files affected by the batch job and displays the status of each service based on a designated amount of time without a transaction.



CheXpert relieves much of the distress and anxiety involved in check cashing.  CheXpert takes the responsibility off the employee as the system assesses the information necessary to conclude if the check cashing is a low, medium or high risk.


Easy Refund

This is an on-demand specification file that allows staff to easily identify and refund NSF and Courtesy Pay fees.  The process uses an HTML screen listing the fees associated with the member's account.  In addition to easily refunding the fees, crediting the member account and debiting the designated GL Account, it can also limit the number of refunds in a 365-day cycle, prohibit too many refunds, and provide details of already refunded fees.


Address Mis-Match by SSN

This specification file will look at names with the same SSN and if there is a difference in the address it will produce a batch report to review.  This module is offered at no charge via the PowerOn Marketplace to Credit Unions using Episys.


CTR Report for Auditing

The purpose of this specification file is to assist Credit Unions auditing the CTR Module.  It has the ability to give reports of all CTRs associated with the member’s name in a date range.  This module is offered at no charge via the PowerOn Marketplace to Credit Unions using Episys.


Account Summary for Thermal Receipt Printers

2015: Top 25 downloaded items on PowerOn Marketplace

Allow front-line staff to print a standard account summary for members directly to their thermal receipt printers.  This module is offered at no charge via the PowerOn Marketplace to Credit Unions using Episys.